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You Could Start Making $9k/Month In Just Three Weeks. No bluffing.

STEP ONE: Purchase a membership access to get our CRm+ Sales engine tool

STEP TWO: Our deep analytics engine is free! but when you complete step one above, you get a $300 worth of analytics, feature flagging and product development course that will help you to get the most out of our analytics engine and other tools

STEP THREE: Stay in touch with your dedicated mentor and business manager. continue to grow and maximize your profit!


1,000% Increase In Sales & Sign Ups

“over 150% increase in conversion rates. We got more leads, booked more calls, it’s so easy to follow up with our students and clients because of the automation and powerful analytics. Yes, we pay $98 a month and with about 15 conversions every month, we make $4600 in profits.

Travel and foreign universities admissions agent

You lose 80% of your MRR & ARR because you did not know us!


The tools provided by passiveuro has saved us about $6,300 in yearly expenses. Quiet effective for acquiring users and boosting profit margins too.

Okoshki, Russia

1000% increase in sales

Enjoy A Limitless Financial Freedom.

We have a comprehensive onboarding program designed to help you get started with making money fast with the passiveuro platform. Our users are able to earn an average of $1700 in their first week through direct product sales, conversion and content optimization.

Earn $3,000+ Every month with one video

  • Integrate our analytics.
  • Optimize your video and strategy.
  • Cashout $3k from your dashboard every month.

Work only 2 hours/day

  • Work from your home.
  • Financial freedom at its finest.
  • Combine with studies and your hobby.

The Benefits Are Massive!

Our comprehensive suite of professionals tools, support and training ensures that our clients are quickly dominating the markets in their respective industries.

Increase Your Sales

Avg. 56 sales/week

Better Ads Conversion

Avg. $0.2/conversion

Achieve Your Goals Quickly!

Avg. $3k revenue in 28 days

Massive Growth.

Avg. 80 users/buyers in two weeks.


We maintain a limit of only 55 seats in our membership so we can provide a personalized optimization training that fits your own digital and e-commerce bussiness and close mentorship.

Personalized monetization strategies.

We will setup your membership with automation, sales, marketing and analytics tools + business and monetization templates that fits your specific business and products.

Weekly training on feature development for your startup using AI and Github tools.

  • Premium feature development course.
  • Shipping new features reduces churn.
  • Cut cost on feat. dev. by doing it yourself.

We will give you $1,000 of feature development service every month. 25/hr rate

Users in our premium seats get a $1,000 worth of programming and feature development services from us every month for free! Cut back on your fiverr and upwork spendings, rely on trusted and proven developers to write your codes and develop your features. This is why we only maintain a membership of only 55 users.


Be assured that our experts will be monitoring and optimizing your systems and automations for 24 hours a day and are ever ready to answer your questions and execute your requests

$19,000 gift for best performing member every year. $3,000/Month

Imagine that we will pay 1 of our 55 members 3,000 dollars a month and 19,000 dollars a year for generating high conversions for themselves using our tools. This is all the motivation you need to boom your startup and business and still make extra cash. Huge one!

Weekly training on feature development for your startup using AI and Github tools.

  • Premium feature development course.
  • Shipping new features reduces churn.
  • Cut cost on feat. dev. by doing it yourself.

Marketing Automation

Create unlimited marketing campaings, landing pages, forms, components and automate user flow throught these channels. Build powerful sales automations.

Unlimited Ecommerce Integrations, Woocommerce, Shopify, Zencart, Magento

We provide integrations for all third party marketing channels and networks including woocommerce, shopify, magento, opencart and several others.

Accounting & Book Keeping

Monitor all aspect of your financials from your dashboard, automated invoicing with record keeping and transaction log generator. Audit all aspect of your funding with ease. There are massive and detailed statictics with appropriate charts too!

Build Smart Forms

Programmable forms, embed anywhere, several form components, attract leads like never before, direct them striaght into your funnel!

Omnichannel Tools

Converge all your selling channels, outlets and shops in one place. We give you all the omnichannel tools on salesforce and hubspot even on our cheapest membership.

Powerful & Highly Secured Email Servers

Powerful mailing servers that ensures that all your emails go straight into inbox of your users. You do not have to spend extra-fees on mailing services like mailchimp.

Feature Flagging, Feature Release & Experimentation Tools

This is a very huge tool that developers and marketers often spend hundreds of dollars on every month. Experiment and iterate several aspects of your sales and marketing pipeline, optimize your pricing models, design, project, etc.

All Standard CRM Tools & Features

All standard CRM tools that you will find in enterprise/business versions of salesforce and hubspot. We also provide unlimited seats so you can assign as many staff as you want to monitor your CRM.

Audio & Podcast Analytics

Get real insights into how your listeners and users are actually consuming your podcasts, the part they love most, repeats, audio heatmaps, etc.

Unlimited Integrations With Api & Webhooks

Connect with all your data wherever they are. Sync your automation with all your channels and other platforms.

Sales Funnels, Lead Magnets, Conversion Tracking, Session Recording, Heatmaps & Analytics

Smart sales funnels, complete automation tools, track conversion with ease, create goals, build highly effective lead magnets, monitor how users move through your funnels.

Video Analytics

We provide users in our membership package with deep video and media analytics that goes beyond what you see on youtube. Monitor clicks, repeats, replays, area of interests, several other metrics.

Build Powerful Automations and Marketing Flow

  • Powerful automations builder.
  • Create funnels that converts.
  • Over 100+ logics and integrations.

Our internal banner and ad creative and cover designer tool ‘Rainmaker’ ensures that you do not have to pay extra fees to platforms like canva to make your high conversion ad creatives. Just select one of our several tested and trusted high conversion ad creatives templates that fits your product narrative.

Powerful Analytics & Feature Flagging Tools.

  • Pricing iteration tools.
  • Feature flagging & A/B experiments.
  • Media analytics, session replays.

Cashout $3k+ Every Week On Our Earnings Network.

  • As a vendor, pay only when you make a sale.
  • As a network member, earn $200+ per conversion.
  • Free to join and start earning.

Passiveuro membership program offers me everything in a CRM, analytics, affiliate marketing and more. As a digital nomad, It’s a huge difference and I enjoy the frequent mentorship program.

Hilda, Tbilisi, Georgia


Remember, we only onboard a very few number of users as our slots are very limited. On the flip side, this ensures that we are able to provide close supports to the users on our network. However, everyone can subscribe to our earnings network It is free!



Perfect for and medium sized teams.



Perfect for large teams. Unlimited seats.

Deep analytics and feature flagging

Media analytics, unlimited automations, vendor tools and free promotions.



Perfect for everyone trying to acquire massive sales and users.

Deep analytics and feature flagging

Media analytics, unlimited automations, vendor tools, free promotions.

Dedicated manager, truly unlimited storage, guaranteed $3k/month earnings